Arc Solutions Improves Service For The Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA)

Established in May 2007, the Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) is the government authority tasked with the protection and security of Abu Dhabi's vital assets and infrastructure. In order to meet its mandate, CNIA works with the Abu Dhabi Executive Council to develop and implement security and regulatory policies to ensure the protection of Abu Dhabi's infrastructure and promote economic stability. CNIA also works with other government authorities and security forces, such as the UAE Armed Forces, to establish and implement a unified protection plan for the security of the Emirate's resources. 


CNIA employs over 4000 staff located across multiple locations in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. All calls to and within the organisation are handled by 14 telephone operators who were struggling to cope with the increasing volume of calls and therefore failing to meet call handling targets.

Following the replacement of CNIA's existing PBX telephony system with a new Cisco system, it became clear that the existing switchboard system used by the operators needed to be replaced with a Cisco compatible solution that would provide an efficient, professional call answer and transfer service.

The existing operator technology was extremely limited in functionality and unconnected to CNIA's central systems and even the other operator stations. This meant that operators each held their own directory of contact names and numbers which would quickly get out of date, leading to calls being transferred to unavailable staff or even extensions that were out of use.

This inefficient call transfer service was further impaired by the operators having to look up and manually enter phone numbers into the console. This resulted in long wait times and new callers not being answered within the required 3 rings.

CNIA also identified the requirement for operators to be located at a number of sites and centrally monitored to ensure a standard level of service across the organisation.


The Solution

In order to provide both its customers and staff with an efficient, professional call handling service, CNIA decided to deploy a Cisco compatible operator console and complete the migration to a fully IP environment. The Arc Enterprise Premium operator console was recommended by Emirates Computers and chosen for its extensive functionality and integration with Cisco Unified Communications platforms.

The Arc solution comprised of 6 Enterprise Premium operator consoles and 10 Call Connect departmental answering positions with resilience, operator statistics, in-queue messaging and whisper paging to Cisco phone sets. CNIA was particularly impressed that the solution was available in Arabic language and could be easily integrated with a central directory of contacts.


The Results

Since the implementation of the new Arc solution there has been a dramatic improvement in the number of callers being put through to the right contacts, first time.

The issue of disparate and inaccurate contact information being held by each operator was solved by an initial data cleansing exercise and then integrating all console directories to one common database. This shared database can be updated by any operator; ensuring contact information is consistent across the organisation, and saving administration time and resources.

Access to the centralised directory has enabled operators to quickly and easily search for contacts across all CNIA's sites via the Arc console. The directory also displays the status of every extension so operators can see if the person is on the phone or able to take the call. As a result, calls are transferred quickly and successfully first time, improving operator productivity and customer service.

Through Arc's intelligent call queuing engine, calls can be identified and automatically routed to the most appropriate operator queue. Callers are also played a welcome message that can be customised depending on business rules such as the number dialled, CLID and time of day. This greeting has reduced the amount of hoax callers and wrong numbers getting through to operators, improving their productivity.

 "Arc Enterprise has really changed how our operators handle calls from both internal staff, affiliated military groups and external callers," enthuses Captain Engineer Omar Alshehhi, Head of Network Section, Communications and IT Dept at CNIA. "Operators at any of our sites can now identify callers and quickly connect them to the correct CNIA department or employee. We are also able to prioritise calls from senior staff and important clients which creates an extremely efficient and professional impression."

Captain Engineer Omar Alshehhi is also pleased with Arc Supervisor reporting application which monitors the performance of operators and call queues to ensure that service levels are consistent across the sites during the day and night. These valuable statistics are also displayed on a wallboard application on the operator's screens enabling them react quickly to changes in call activity before SLA's are adversely affected.

CNIA anticipated various benefits from having an Arc Solutions operator console, one of which was flexibility. The consoles were was physically installed at a desk, so it meant that an operator had to be in the same location at all times, whereas the Arc Enterprise solution is operable from any site on the organisation's IT network. This flexibility is key to CNIA's future disaster recovery plan as it means that, in the event of an emergency, operators could continue to handle calls from an alternative location. 

"We are delighted with the improvements in customer service that the Arc solution has provided. We consistently succeed SLA's and answer every call within 3 rings, delivering outstanding service to customers and employees," continues Captain Engineer Omar Alshehhi. "The Arc solution has been so successful that other government organisations now visit our sites to understand how they can emulate our call handling services!"

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