Arc Advanced Services

Arc Solutions Advanced Servies Brochure

As experts in person to person communication, Arc understand that in order to collaborate and communicate, a central source of accurate information needs to be available to both the systems and their users.

As organizations grow and change, many different systems and process are formed, which are often not integrated and consolidated. This leads to vital information relating to the people within a business being spread across different applications and in different formats.

Therefore a key component of our services is the identification, consolidation and integration of personnel information which enables peoples identity, skills, availability and location to be more available to those who need it. Our services can be deployed to bring together this information into one manageable place, enabling all communication and collaboration tools within the organization to have access to sanitized and accurate data.

Other integration skills relating to Cisco and Microsoft are also vital elements of the services that we offer to complement those available from our reseller community. These skills derive from our vast experience of integrating with these vendor partner and their communications platforms and include Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and the integration of presence systems such as Microsoft’s OCS and Cisco Unified Presence.

Arc Advanced Services can provide a range of value added services that ebable us to:

  • Work with customers in structured workshops to identify business communication issues
  • Design bespoke software solutions to solve those issues and provide further value to the business
  • Manage the deployment of the solutions using our team of software integration experts and project management professionals
  • Review these key areas of communication technology and provide ongoing management and support

Arc Advanced Services enables organizations to truly unify their communications, empowering businesses to leverage their assets and maximize person to person collaboration.