Arc produces a range of solutions that are built on a model based on three core components:

Information – accurate and centralised information relating to the people within an organisation is key to successful communication. Full benefit can only be achieved from this information if it also includes role based and status information relating to individuals. Arc has products and services that identify, consolidate and integrate that rich information in to a centrally managed repository, to be used to maximum effect by communications applications throughout the enterprise.

Intelligence – once the information is accessible, Arc has a number of products that use that information to either route person to person interactions, or to manage communications by measuring performance and quality.
Access – the visible layer by which Arc’s intelligent software can be managed, used and configured. Modern communications enables users to view information on various devices, and so Arc has a range of products that operate via various access devices such as PC’s, Cisco IP telephones, Mobile phones and PDAs.

Arc products are designed exclusively for use with Cisco Unified Communications platforms and sold throughout the world by Cisco Business Partners. Arc products are fully approved and are the Cisco global product of choice for attendant console solutions.